Monday, September 22, 2008

Hai Deng

Venerable Hai Deng was a Buddhist monk, martial artist and 32nd abbot of Shaolin Temple during the 20th century. He was born Fan Wubing in Jiangyou County, Sichuan province.

At the age of 19, Fan Wubing was accepted into Sichuan University, but did not attend due to financial difficulties. Instead, he attended Sichuan Police Academy, but later dropped out in pursuit of martial arts training.

Hai Deng was famous for his ''one-finger '', one of the 72 Shaolin Arts where he supposedly supported his entire body weight on one finger.
The video of that act is considered to be fake by most western observers with knowledge of anatomy, gymnastics or power-lifting, as there are many abnormalities, and the video quality is extremely poor, which in turn would allow greater opportunity to conceal the fake. One of the most popular observations of independent observers is the fact that the fingertip during the act does not turn white, as it should invariably do, as the applied pressure would cause blood to leave the fingertip area.

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